How to create Facebook App and Access Token?

  • If you have not registered to become a developer, you should do that now by pressing the “Register Now” button on the page. It's a quick and easy process to get signed up.
  • If you are registered as a developer, the “Create a New App ID” popup will be open.
  • Enter a custom name in the “Display Name” input, enter your email address as “Contact Email”, choose any option for “Category” and then click Create App ID button.

  • Your App is created now. You will now get redirected to the app page automatically if not, you can browse to your app page by choosing the menu item “My Apps” from top of the page. Your page should now look something similar to the following image.
  • Click on Tools & Support from the top navigation bar.

  • Click on the Access Token Tool on this page or manually browse to: page.
  • On the new page that opens, you can simply grab your App Token or, you can create a User Token by clicking the "need to grant permissions" link according to the picture below and paste into its respective field in your Social Stream Settings page.

What is the difference between an App Token and a User Token?

App Token:

  • Is more secure.
  • Long-lived (never get expired).
  • Is only usable for getting "Public" Facebook feeds.

User Token:

  • Is less secure.
  • Short-lived (60 days expiration time but, can get easily extended by clicking the Debug button on front of User Token on the Access Token Tools page).
  • Can be also used for "Age Restricted and Private" page feeds managed by you.