Creating and managing social streams

Managing Social Streams

  • To access the Social Streams management page, go to Joomla admin panel » Components » JS Social Stream » Streams

Creating a New Social Stream

  • To add a new Social Stream, in the Social Streams page, click the New button.
  • Here we will explain various parts of Add/Edit Social Stream form and all the relevant social network tabs.


  • Enter a name that describes your Social Stream. This name is for your reference only.

Stream Details

  • Select the content blocks you want to be included in each item on the Social Stream. Each social network may have different type of content blocks available.

Social Networks

  • This section allow you to set up the networks you want to include in your Social Stream. To add a social network to your Social Stream, go to its tab and fill out its configuration form.

  • To add a specific social network feed to your Social Stream, you need to declare it using an option (ID, username, search term, etc) depending on type of the network. Some social networks have multiple type of feeds available. You are required to use at least one of the options available for the social network feed to make it available in your Social Stream output.