API Credentials

1. Facebook API Credentials

2. Google API Credentials

3. Twitter API Credentials

  • Browse to: https://apps.twitter.com/ and sign in with your Twitter Account.
  • You will be redirected to your Twitter Application Management area. Then click on "Create New App" button.
  • Fill out the Name, Description & Website fields.
  • Read the "Developer Agreement" and check the "Yes I agree" box.
  • Click "Create Your Twitter Application" button.
  • After creating the Application, the Application Details page opens.

  • Go to "Keys and Access Tokens" tab.
  • Click on the "Generate Consumer Key and Secret" button.
  • Click on the "Generate My Access Token and Token Secret" button.
  • Copy the API Key, API Secret, Access Token and Access Token Secret values and paste into the "Twitter API Credentials" form in setting page and the extension should now have access to your Twitter feed data.

4. Instagram API Credentials

  • Browse to https://www.instagram.com/developer/ and login to your account if required.
  • Click on Manage Clients, and finally click on Register a New Client.
  • Fill out the required fields for registering a new Client ID.

  • Set the OAuth redirect_uri field to "http://localhost" (without quotes).
  • The reason you should use localhost is for security. In computer networking localhost is the web address of the computer you are using. So when Instagram redirects to your redirect_uri, all of your sensitive information is passed from Instagram's servers directly to your computer.
  • Go to Security tab and uncheck the "Disable implicit OAuth" box or else this method will not work.

  • Once all of the fields are filled out click Register.
  • You have already created an Instagram client. To generate an Instagram Access Token, do the following:
  • Go to: click
  • Click on the Generet Access Token button

  • Copy and paste your token

5. Vimeo API Credentials

  • Browse to this page: https://developer.vimeo.com/apps/new. You will be redirected to "Sign in" page if you are not login to your account.
  • Fill out the form as highlighted below and click on "Create app" button to complete.

  • In the next page, scroll to the end of the page where you can find the "Generate Token" button.
  • Click on the "Generate Token" button and copy the "Your new Access token" string and paste into "Vimeo Access Token" text box in API Credentials section.

6. Linkedin API Credentials